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Open your 100% digital moey! account, with no maintenance fee

Download the app here and open your account now

Download the app here and open your account now

Read the QR code to open a moey account!

To open a moey! account all you need is:

Portuguese Citizen Card and Chave Móvel Digital

To be at least 18 years old

Residence address in Portugal

To have a good internet connection

App moey!

1 Download the app

At App Store, Play Store or AppGallery

Validate your identity through Chave Móvel Digital moey!

2 Validate your identity

By Chave Móvel Digital

Give us more info moey!

3 Give us more info

Give us some important data to finish the process

Smartphone with general view from the app moey!

4 Get started right away!

Boost your app and start making purchases and payments immediately!

Do you already have Chave Móvel Digital?

Quick Process

Download the app from your phone's app store, if you don't have CMD

Immediate Validation

The data associated with the Citizen Card is transferred immediately when you authenticate with your CMD


The Mobile Digital Key can be used anytime, anywhere, 100% digitally and free of charge.

Request Chave Móvel Digital

And costs? Zero.


and maintenance fees

Create your account in a flash and free of charge


Purchases & Payments
EU and rest of the world

Pay anywhere - EU and worldwide - at no extra cost


Bank transfers

Instant moey!, MB WAY, SEPA (via IBAN) and SEPA transfers (via IBAN / up to a monthly limit of 40 / 0,5€ per transfer from the 41st)


Withdrawal fees

Withdrawals in Portugal and Eurozone: 0 €
Withdrawals in the rest of the world (Note: there may be additional costs charged by local operators): 1.7%


Debit card issuing fees

Issue of 1st debit card: 0 €
Debit card replacement: 5 €

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can subscribe?

If you have a Portuguese Citizen's Card, you can join using your Mobile Digital Key. 

You must also have a residence address in Portugal and be over 18 years old.

Each client is only allowed one account.

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How can I open an account?

1. Download the app to your phone. The app is available for iOS 10.3 or above and Android 6.0 and above.

2. Log in to the app and register. You must be over 18 and have a Portuguese Citizen Card (you can join using your Mobile Digital Key).

3. Follow the steps so that we can check all the legal details, and you’re done!

Note: if you have already been a moey! customer you can only open a new moey! account after 90 days.

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How long will it take to verify my identity?

Your identity is verified using the Chave Móvel Digital.

To identify yourself using the Chave Móvel Digital, activate this option at and then follow the steps in the app. The Chave Móvel Digital enrollment is only available for citizen cards.

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Why do I have to have my identity verified?

Being a bank, we need to know who each of our clients is.

The Bank of Portugal obliges as much, as part of anti-corruption and anti-fraud measures.

Since you don’t need to go to an agency, and you can do everything over your smartphone using Chave Móvel Digital.

To do your identification through Chave Móvel Digital, activate that option through and then follow the steps in the app.

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How can I open my account using Chave Móvel Digital?

Chave Móvel Digital is only available if you have Cartão de Cidadão.

To open your account through Chave Móvel Digital activate that option through

Follow the steps in the app and that's it.

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Do you still have any doubts?

Check our FAQ

Download your app

Download the app to open an account

Download the app to open an account

Read the QR code to open a moey account!
Caixa Central de Crédito Agrícola Mútuo,
Rua Castilho 233-A, 1099-004 Lisboa

Download the app by QR Code and open your account here

Open your account here


Download your app

Download the app here to open an account

QR Code moey!