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Physical Debit

Commission and cost-free debit card

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Physical Debit Card moey!

Fully secure
and controllable via the app

Physical Card Moey!

Break with the traditional also in your wallet

moey! is a very different bank account and for that reason, it's the only one in Portugal with a very unique card.

Physical debit card moey!

Use your moey! card wherever you want

Once you have your card, you can use it at any ATM in Portugal and abroad, maintenance-free and contactless. Just pull over and pay.

Physical Debit Card moey!

Get your pin by SMS

Forget about little cards and sealed envelopes. With moey! your pin is automatically sent by SMS. And if you happen to forget it one day, you can retrieve it quickly through the app.

Control your cards
with total security


Physical Debit Card moey!

Cancel and order new cards directly in the app

Whether you lost it, got stolen, or any other reason, you can quickly cancel the cards in the app and order new ones. Choose in which areas of the world you can use the cards or if you want to use them for online purchases, always with strong authentication.

Download your app

Download the app to open an account

Download the app to open an account

Read the QR code to open a moey! account
Caixa Central de Crédito Agrícola Mútuo,
Rua Castilho 233-A, 1099-004 Lisboa

Download the app by QR Code and open your account here

Open your account here


Download your app

Download the app here to open an account

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