About us

At moey! we're building a totally different banking experience

Who we are

The first mobile-only Portuguese digital bank

Created in partnership with world leading companies in the fields of technology and payments, such as Mastercard and Microsoft, but also with some of the most innovative and disruptive fintechs in the world, such as Meniga or MeaWallet.

moey! has no branches or maintenance costs

A bank that is 100% mobile, without opening or maintenance costs, without complications. A bank with a fresh attitude and a non-complicated language which aims to cut with the past of the banking sector.

Values and Mission

Working on delivering a best-in-class banking experience to our customers

We've created a disruptive cut through a simpler, more transparent and totally customized banking experience.

What we have for you, is more than what the others have to offer

More purpose, less bullshit.
More attitude, less talking.
More originality, less complexity.

Think about a traditional bank. Ok, we have nothing to do with that.

Forget comparisons. Forget everything you know. At moey! we are building a whole brand new experience: simpler, more transparent, fully yours.


This is different in so many ways

The attitude is different. We question what needs to be questioned. Without biases, always open minded, embracing new challenges. A constructive attitude, brought on by a team which believes there is a here and now worth living.

Yes, we're different

We're the bank that calls you by your name. A bank that offers security but at the same time also versatility. A bank that makes use of the defined article to distinguish itself as unique, disruptive and the only one truly interesting. The bank that's not a bank in what we don't need to have from a bank. A bank that doesn't try to be cool. A bank that is actually cool.

Made in Portugal

Thinking about people living in Portugal

Based on the knowledge we have of the local needs, we have developed specific solutions thinking on the Portuguese market. Yes, we speak your language, but don’t worry, because, like any other Portuguese, we speak two or three others as well.

Remember: you are in the centre!

You know what that means? It means it all starts and ends with you. In practice, it means that we are not here to sell just one more financial product, but to deliver to you the best banking experience ever.

moey! and Crédito Agrícola

moey! is part of the Crédito Agrícola Group, one of Portugal's largest and most solid financial groups.

For more information on the Crédito Agrícola Group, click here

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