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moey!® is part of the Crédito Agrícola Group

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Send, request money and manage your expenses through the app

Send and request money from your contacts. Create groups where you can share expenses with every contact of your mobile phone.

Start saving money by creating goals

Define how much you want to save and until when, whether it's for a trip, a concert or whatever you wish. Control your savings easily and if you forget about it, don't worry, we'll remind you.

See where you're spending money

See where you're spending more with all of your expenses divided into categories, such as restaurants, supermarkets and many others.

Move your money around easily

Send and request money between moey! and MB WAY

You can send, request and split bills between moey! and MB WAY accounts. No additional costs.

Use moey! card everywhere

moey! card works in Portugal and abroad. When in Portugal it also grants you access to all Multibanco features.

Pay with your mobile phone

Your phone is your wallet. Leave the plastic at home and pay with NFC. Apple Pay for iOS or moey! wallet for Android... and MB WAY payments with QR Code for both.

Split expenses with your contacts with no rushes

Create groups with your contacts

Manage group expenses has never been so easy. Create a group, add whoever you wish and add expenses. We do the math for you.

Split expenses on the go

Split that dinner bill is no longer a problem. Split joint bills and see who has paid in real time. If some of your contacts forget to pay you, you can easily remind them through the app.

Check who's paid and who's missing

Check in real time the status of your joint expenses with your groups of contacts. At moey! we know this matters to you.

We take security very seriously

Login into the app through biometrics

Add an extra dose of security to your money with fingerprint or face identification to log in into the app.

Block or cancel your card

Whether it's because you lose your card or you just feel unsafe, cancel it or block it whenever you want. Right through the app.

Block your moey! in certain parts of the world

You can choose where your cards can be used. Besides that, you can also choose if your card can be used for online shopping or not.

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