Virtual and physical card: both safe and fully controlled through the app

Physical card

Give more style to your wallet with moey! card

moey! is a very different bank account and for that reason, it's the only one in Portugal with a very unique card.

Make use of your moey! card wherever you want to

As soon as you get your moey! card, you can use it in Portugal and abroad, without costs and with full access to Multibanco.

Receive your PIN code via SMS

Forget the letters or any other form of old mail. Your pin is automatically sent to your phone via text message. In case you forget your pin, you can easily recover it through the app.

Virtual card

Available to be used as soon as you register with moey!

As soon as you conclude the onboarding process, your virtual card is ready to be used and it's fully controllable through the app.

Get full control of your transactions online

In order to guarantee more security to your online shopping, moey! gives you the chance to set up geographical restrictions right through the app.

Add your card to the wallet of your smartphone

You can add your card and pay using Apple Pay, in case you have an Apple device. Or use moey! Wallet to pay with Android.

Control your cards with total safety

Set geographical and e-commerce restrictions

Choose where in the world your cards can be used, or if you want them activated for online shopping.

Use the app to cancel or request new cards

If you've lost your card, had it stolen or for any other reason, quickly cancel the cards and request new ones using the app.

Buy online securely and with strong authentication

Online payments made with moey cards are authorized with strong authentication. Your payment experience may vary, but you will certainly always be protected. Learn more here.

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